One More Thing

If you were at the hills this morning (and if you were on time) then you know that Capozzi and I played a little game of one-up-your-coleader when explaining the workout. We kept having one more thing to say to the tribe about the workout, more reasons to have to do burpees, more ways to be social and meet new people, more ridiculous things to remember. Until everyone realized we’d never stop and just started running front hill repeats with burpees in the playground at the top. And burpees in the park by the wall. And extra burpees if you’re not running with someone you’re getting to know (#strangerdanger). And…you get the point. Everyone who was late could not figure out why I was telling them to do 5 burpees as they ran up the hill and that was very entertaining for me.

Even with too much snow on the sidewalks to do Indiana Jones, we managed to have a pretty dope morning. Because hills for breakfast and it’s not too cold or too snowy or too anything to keep us from having a good time really early in the morning while running.

Another reason we had a great morning? Heather Millar turned 40 today and her son helped us give her 40 birthday BOOMs.

One more thing? Mike Manfredi won the positivity award.

One more thing? Winter has apparently just arrived, and we are embracing it fully.

Here’s some important shit to know:

Monday #DestinationDeck is a BYOS (bring your own sled) workout. It will be at the snowy area at the corner of the Jamaicaway & Perkins St. near Jamaica Pond. Read it again and then make plans to show the fuck up. Bring Your Own SLED!! Buy one, borrow one, fucking MAKE a sled and get to Monday.

Go enjoy the weekend, and if you plan go to parades, paint or dye yourself green, or watch too much college basketball, please remember to be safe and responsible.

Oh, and one more thing?


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