Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa

For our English only speaking friends “Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa” is Spanish for our home is your home. Since the beginning we’ve been fortunate to have tribe members join us from other NP cities across the country. J. Grubbs, Caitlin, and Emma just to name a few, have been coming to our workouts as either transplants from other NP cities, or as visitors who work in KC M-Fri. This past week we had some visitors from NP members who had been traveling the country, and at the same time hitting up workouts as they passed through NP cities. One of those members, Jen, from Madison, WI was on her way from NP Denver on Tuesday when she got stuck in the middle of a blizzard in Goodland, KS and couldn’t make it. The other was Dustin Renwick from NP DC. He’s been traveling across the United States and Canada, and writing a great blog, while hitting up NP workouts across North America (read about his adventure here Being his last stop we thought we’d give him a little taste of home. Thanks to Steve Christensen, an NP DC co-leader, we threw in some tennis balls and did a little McEnroe workout. We had a blast and hopefully so did he!Group Pic 2

One of the greatest things about this little movement called November Project is that you can land in any one of our cities on an early Wednesday morning. Show up, high five, hug, bounce, yell “fuck yeah” (or “hell yeah” for some of us) at the top of your lungs, and get a great workout with genuine loving people. The spin my be a little different between each city, but at the end of the workout you leave with the same feeling. That is the bond that continues to unite us and make this world just a little better place to live.

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