#NPStreetCraps (IND)

The #NP_IND tribe tested their luck this morning with #NPStreetCraps. No boring six sided dice here, no! We barrowed from our local gaming scene (this thing called GenCon, heard of it?) and used 10 sided, 12 sided and even 20 sided dice to challenge the tribe. “What, the what?” you ask if you didn’t show up. Yeah, you shoulda showed the F*** up. Teams were at the mercy of the shooter’s roll for their reps of low-5 push-ups, tricep dips, hoistees and burpees. Fate dealt out more reps for some and more running for others, while a lucky few got an extra light show: 20 burpees?! #FuckYeah! Everyone got a kick-butt workout from the House and complimentary #StairsForBreakfast with shots of plank for a nice spring core. Nice work, Tribe!

2014-03-12 23.19.01

Your DO TO List:

  • Don’t forget: get your name and NP story down in #NPHistory! Testimonial submissions for the first ever NP Book, authored by the one and only Caleb Daniloff, are due February 20th. CLICK HERE. Do it now. Xoxo.
  • #JustShowUp: Sunday, February 15th 9am for our #Sunrise6k event. We will meet at the north stairs of the War Memorial. We will race 6k (that’s 3.7 miles) and finish at a breakfast establishment. Bring moola to buy yourself eggs. Super weird trophies will be awarded to the overall male winner and overall female winner. Don’t let me or DangerMan beat you…#JustShowUp #RaceEverything.

After Sunday, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Wednesday 5:28/6:15AM Indiana War Memorial, north stairs. Be on time. We will start without you. More xoxo.


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