Every Damn Day

The cold might scare you off.  The snow might feel like a heavy weight pressing down on you like an oppressive, smothering blanket that goes on forever.  The ice might legitimately give you pause because it’s a dangerous beast.

But then you layer up.

The NP #ShovelCrew shows up 30-35 deep on Tuesday evening to clear an entire 4 sections and stairs of snow.

We continue to chip away (literally) at the ice, and carefully adjust the speed of our stair descent.

And DJ Phoenix makes our sweet 4-section course a dance party with the beats bumpin’.

We show up in the stadium, not afraid, not held back, not isolated by the winter.  This is EXACTLY what November Project was created for.  To never allow things like weather, membership fees, or lack of motivation keep us from fitness and fierce racing.

Racing looks a little different than it does when we have clear, dry stadium seats–but we race the shit out of what we got. We get a damn good 40 minutes of stairs done–many of us completing a full tour (or more). You definitely earn bragging points by recording the number of sections you completed today and proving you were there with your badass self.

I really don’t care if Edmonton is colder or California is sunnier…Boston is the only place I want to be.  Shoveling the fucking snow out of the stadium, hugging you amazing people, and living the #FreeFitness dream.

Keep dreaming, keep shoveling, keep racing.

Every damn day.


Thank you to everyone who completed #TheTribeShovelsFireHydrants homework yesterday.  There are still fire hydrants that need saving, so go out and get some more free fitness, spread some positive NP love around your own community, and shovel a hydrant.  Diana Hunt, both our special guest photographer today, and a hydrant shoveler, won a prize for doing her homework yesterday.  Thanks D!

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