#NP_BAL: For the love of the grind

I would like to start this post by apologizing for the tardiness. Sometimes life gets in the way and we have to do grownup thing like go to work or have several beers at trivia night. For the record Babe Ruth retired from Baseball in 1935…should you receive that question at a trivia night somewhere down the road the NP community is expecting you to answer correctly.

Now, as for the magic that happened this morning…

The NP community is a giant, living, breathing organism. It consumes all who encounter it, spreading joy and cheer and co-mingling sweat. Sometimes dogs run with us, sometimes there are shoes to try on, sometimes its just a few people waking up early to workout together. Sometimes it’s a shittank of people waking up early to run together!

I am taking this opportunity to tell the #NP_BAL community that NOVEMBER PROJECT IS YOURS! It is for the people, by the people. You know that the love flows deep every Wednesday morning BECAUSE we’re a community. Each and every one of us makes up an integral part of the team and now that you’ve showed up, you’re always going to be part of the tribe.

So, take this time and think. Think about this morning, think about the people that made you smile, pushed you to work harder, gave you a hug despite how sweaty you insisted you were. We all now have the honor of having those people in our lives. We are part of the same living, breathing, sweating community. All you had to do was show up. So it’s up to you! Spread the word, spread the hugs, spread the love. Not everyone will love November Project like we do  (although we can’t see why not), but that doesn’t mean the NP_Love can’t flow to every person in your life.

Today, you woke up early, you hugged a stranger, you worked hard, you supported each other.  And now, there are no strangers anymore, just the tribe. Reach out to those people, extend NP into the normal things you do. Next time you go for a run, invite another tribe member along to push you. Next time you go grab a beer maybe another tribe member could use one too. Next time you need some help, we promise the tribe will be waiting.

Go forth and spread the word my friends. Welcome to the tribe for life.


P.S: Thank you to our awesome friends at Holabird Sports and Under Armour for making this morning extra special and spreading mad love.

P.P.S: Louie, the tribe is in consensus. Your dog fucking rocks.IMG_1751

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