King of the Hill (YEG)

We have our own “King of the Hill” here in Edmonton today…Ferknuckle! Congratulations Andrew on being recognized by the NHL for your leadership on an off the ice with the King Clancy Memorial Trophy.

I would like to use this post to thank Andrew, my brother & our November Project Canada co-leader, for bringing this amazing community to Edmonton. Andrew’s humble, down-to-Earth, genuine, approachable nature is so welcoming and makes him even more fitting to be honoured in this way. November Project is just one of the many contributions Andrew has made in Edmonton…one that has had a huge impact on so many of us. I am so proud to co-lead with my brother and so proud to be Andrew’s big sister.

It has been almost a year and what that one invitational tweet sent out back in July has grown to be is nothing short of incredible. Andrew ignited a community fitness spark in so many of us. The camaraderie, friendships, fitness, drive, inspiring stories, and amazing connections that November Project has created and fostered is a gift for all of us who participate.

King Clancy


Today we ran our hill, did our best Cirque du Soleil cartwheels, walking handstands and summersaults, and were almost eaten by mosquitos. We hugged to start, we hugged to finish! Weekend earned tribies!

Monday…we meet at the City Hall steps…bring a friend or two or three or more and bring a towel…you’ll need it! It’ll be our best Monday ever!

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