NP Recipe (YEG)

Many Stairs;
12 Bike lights;
1 Statue; 
Lots of Frost;
30 reps of any exercise;
Infinite community members; and 
As many high fives and smiles 
that will fit.

Place in a large bowl, bounce the bowl 
around for 1 min while screaming at the 
top of your lungs, and let set 
for 30mins. Serve warm and sweaty.

The recipe for a weds workout is pretty simple and easy to do. For many the hardest part is finding high quality community members. Luckily here in Edmonton we have the highest of quality and it shows here 3 times a week.

Thank you for showing up this morning and baking the perfect NP community with us.

Keep Being Awesome,



  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
  • NP Bowling Social:
  1. It has been far too long since we planned an NP social event, so we figured it would be a great way to kickoff November.
  2. We’re reserving a ton of lanes for an afternoon of throwing balls down lanes. Everyone is invited, even the kids!
  3. Get your ticket through Eventbrite if you plan on coming so we can make sure there’s a spot saved for you and so that you can bowl. Reserving your ticket here is free, but you will have to pay for your bowling/shoes/snacks/drinks when you are at Plaza Bowling.
  4. Reserve your tickets Here (password is verbal)
  • Brogan and Bojan are coming to Edmonton:
  1. You may or may not have heard that the founders of NP, Brogan and Bojan are making their return to Edmonton at the start of November.
  2. They’re going to be joining us to spread magic, free fitness dust on all of us at the Royal Glenora Stairs on November 6th. You’ll want to be there.
  3. They’re also going to be doing a keynote at the Ignite 360 Conference in Kananaskis from November 7-9th.
  4. If you’re interested in heading to the conference, we’ve been given a NP rate to the conference. Follow this link for details on the conference and to get the NP discount, or type in the promo code “I360NovProj19” when registering.
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