NP History Lesson pt 2 (YEG)

It’s race week! Race week you say? Well, yes. Later on this week, people from all 49 tribes will collectively gather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 6th November Project Summit. For today’s history lesson, we’re going to go back to the #NPSUMMIT2. Let’s go over 3 videos from that weekend. For those heading there later this week, this is quite the hype video for you. For everyone else, here’s what some of the early days looked like when we gathered in for the first ever summit race weekend (the first summit wasn’t attached to a race).

The Workout

The summit/workout was held in Madison, Wisconsin, the second NP tribe at their state capitol building. For the keen eye, you might recognize the workout they’re doing with the cards. (Yes, that’s where we learned it)

The Race

The race at summit is always wild. The vibe is like no other. 

The Terrace

Watch this, and try not to get goosebumps. Would you believe me if I told you that this was unscripted? You’ll also see the faces of the leaders of all the tribes back in 2014. 

Our favourite Assistant Principal told me that I needed to tighten up my lesson plans and also assign some homework so we will have content when report cards are due. So, your homework for Wednesday is to bring someone who is celebrating a birthday this Wednesday.

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