November Project CAN’s November Project

Did you hear that we turned 2 today?

November Project Canada’s November Project was announced this morning. After we had hills for breakfast, we gave out gifts, and the legendary Al (who always claims he is new to twitter, but already has over 500 tweets) gave out muffins he baked for second breakfast.

We are a tribe that is focused on building a better community, in Edmonton, in the US, and in the world. The running and the fitness aspect to it, well that is all a happy accident. Since we keep saying how we’re #weatherproof and none of our other tribes will come close to matching the harsh conditions we have to put up with for 5 months a year, we decided to give it our own spin. You’re probably losing sleep at night because you don’t know what to do with that old jacket, last season’s mitts, or those stinky socks. You’re not going to be using them anymore since you probably just grabbed some new #weatherproof gear. Well, you can now rest easy. We have solved all your problems. We’re thinking of tackling poverty, and world peace next. We will be collecting anything that you have to help #weatherproof the less fortunate in our beautiful city until November 22nd. On the 22nd, we will celebrate with a huge event at MEC, followed by some drinks at a local establishment after. We will meet at MEC at 7pm and anyone wearing their grassroots gear will get a discount. They’ll also be throwing some free clinics for everyone throughout the night. After that, we’ll head to a still-to-be-determined-local-watering-hole so everyone can see people when it is not pitch black out.

  • What do people need? Jackets, Socks, Underwear, Mitts, Touques, Sweaters, warm food, etc.
  • When can I bring stuff? Any workout from now until November 22nd!
  • Do we need to? No, but you’ll feel much better seeing someone enjoy your old stuff!
  • What happens when it’s all over? We’ll take care of that. Just come hang out with us on the 22nd!
  • Can I come on the 22nd if I don’t bring anything? Of course!
  • Are you answering your own questions? Yes, I am. It’s therapeutic.

Monday’s location – Figure out where you are going to park, and be there at 5:59am and be ready to go.



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