Wait wait wait. DID YOU HEAR? #MapTheDistrict is GOING DOWN on SEPT. 10th. 4PM. ARE YOU GOING??? Need to know more? STAY TUNED……………….

THIS MORNING was GOOD. High energy, somewhat cooler temps, visitors from other cities, newbies, veterans, alleyway sprints, and a small competition for some free gear (thanks Knockaround). Also, Mike, we know it was your birthday because your friend told us but we didn’t even do any announcements so…BOOM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Collin, we know it was your ‘last day’ before returning to school…so we’ll see you in like two weeks? Was something missing? Nah. It was all there (unless you weren’t there).

This next part is going to sound like a prescription drug commercial but…feeling like you’re not getting enough out of your Fridays? The November Project workout is only a 20 minute circuit and my horoscope says I should exercise for at least 30. HERE’S THE THING: Friday workouts are 20% whatever we do from 6:30-7AM and 80% how you get there and home/work. Coming from another state or too far away? That’s fine. Park a mile away and get your sweat started before you arrive. Take the metro two miles away and get in a run before/after. We announce the location on WED, you have 48 HOURS to figure it out. Forget/don’t know where it is? Use the tracker. Find a runpool buddy. Find a bikepool buddy. Use the social page for these exact things. Think you can’t fit it in to your schedule? Trust me. YOU CAN. See you next Friday.


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