Moving Forward (YEG)

If only I had a crystal ball I would tell you what the future holds but sadly I am just not that magical. There has been lots on my mind as of late. Things like the roles of leadership at NP, anti-racism work, upholding accountability, being a ally, embodying our community agreements and more. It is an exciting time with so many things being applicable to our lives beyond a workout – if you are willing to take it that far. These topics are reinforcing the importance of the humans that choose to #JustShowUp and the community that we all create.

One of the things on my mind is about how we navigate workouts due to COVID-19 or any future virus. There are plans coming into place for when we meet in-person again but in this blog I am going to focus on a question I was asked earlier this week. Are there any shifts or alterations that have been occurring during COVID-19 that should stick around?

In a non-NP related response the ability to work from home has been phenomenal and I think as a society we are learning things about productivity and busting myths about working from home that does accumulate in a net good. It’s a conversation that for example people with disabilities have been raising awareness on for years. This productivity is only possible due to the remote access technologies that we rely so heavily on. For NP the byproduct of these technologies is that we made our community open to a whole other section of the world. I hope that in the future we remember this connectivity and take full advantage of it. I think that with all the things going on right now, but for COVID-19 in particular, we have gained a new light in which to see our world a little better. Like how getting a living room lamp doesn’t change the layout of the living room but there are details that we can now see or at least appreciate better since the light provides an exposure to something from a different angle. We are shifting the way that we look at ourselves and the type of world that we want to live in and I think that is also a net good for the world. There are times like what we are dealing with right now that cause a societal and social upheaval because the things that we don’t necessarily like about the way things are running become really clear.

What do you think should stick around going into the future? NP related or not.

Ok scattered brained I realize but its been on my mind as I look to what NP might look like in the near, medium, and far off future. Which I cannot wait to share with all of you. In the meantime…

Keep being awesome,


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