Motivation Mondays

Coming off a weekend of thankful-highs and tryptophan-lows it’s nice to come together afterwards and have reality smack the sleepies out of your eyes and remind you that life is still pretty damn good…even when the mashed potatoes are all gone. It was a killer workout this morning, but instead of recapping the 30 minutes of insanity, we are going to share with you words from one of our own. Thanksgiving Day may be over, but being thankful is a lifestyle, and it’s people like Natalie that we are thankful to call family.

“This movement, this crazy thing that makes all my friends and family wonder why my Facebook is flooded with neon and action shots every week. This thing that has made me cut every Taco Tuesday short, or sometimes regret not cutting it short. This thing that I just cannot seem to get enough of, November Project.

For over a year now, I have attended November Project. Twice a week, I fight to get out of bed, knowing that if I cannot fight the urge to get up, I will soon be fighting a serious case of FOMO. This has become a part of my life, the best way to start my day. A hardcore workout, that for 30 minutes a day, will make you put everything else aside. Your only worries become not getting tagged during burpee tag or dreading the sound of the cowbell. #moreburpees.

So here I am, a humbled recipient of the Positivity award. I have done things this past year that I have never though possible. Ragnar? Marathon Relay? Some of the best times I have had, or look forward to having. I was told to take a picture with my oar handle, of me doing something crazy. Well here is something crazy, something I have never thought possible, here is a picture of me, signing up for my very first FULL marathon. #Verbal. Thank you November Project for pushing me to strive to be faster, stronger and better everyday. I cannot wait for what 2015 has to come for this tribe and this amazing movement that has become such a big part of my life. “ – Natalie


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