NPSF: Dean Karnazes Casually Snacks On Hills For Breakfast

As the rest of the world rolled over in bed this Black Friday, content with their pumpkin cheesecake–induced food comas, the tribe traveled over to the Marin Headlands and what a morning we had overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The tribe welcomed a whole range of NPSF newbies this morning, including the ultramarathon legend, Dean Karnazes. Dean reached out to us last night saying he had some surprise visitors to bring to meet us the next morning. And who did he roll in with at 6.25AM only his parents, and what a pair of legends they were. Not content with only crushing the 0.5 mile, 222 feet incline, Fran and Nick Karnazes dropped and gave us a round of burpees at the bottom and top of the trail. Did someone say Badass? I think they currently running all the way back to their home in Orange County, and rumour has it these Ultramarathonparents are talking about starting a tribe back in OC. The Tribe is Badass as Fuck!!



Right so people, brace yourselves for the next week. It’s going to be one crazy ride! With the whole November Project movement converging onto our city for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series, we have a lot of events in store for you:

Monday December 1st: Get your #GrassrootsGear tagged at Fort Mason. We’ll be there from 6.10AM, so if you’re wanting gear tagged, turn up early with us so we can get it finished before the workout. If you’re racing on Saturday, it might be a good shout to match race shirt colour with your teams to look the part!

Wednesday Dec 3rd: The November Project cofounders, Bojan Mandaric and Brogan Graham, are verballing for Alta Plaza on Wednesday. Given that NPSF is the craziest, funniest, most athletic, best looking tribe in the whole #NP17, your coleaders are going to be stepping up their game when the parents are in town. Prepare yourself for a ridiculous Wednesday morning! (Some guy called #PaulLeak might be there too. We think he’s the one that kidnapped Pete Kruse from us, so go easy on him, Tribe)

Friday December 5th: We’re going to have at least 17 coleaders (and umpteen tribemembers) flying in from around the country for Saturday’s race. We’ll be bringing them out to our Friday Hills, we figured we better bring them to one of the best views and killer hills in Fog City, Twin Peaks! Yeow!

Saturday December 6th: 40+ NP teams are going to be out there in the Marin Headlands absolutely dominating the North Face Marathon Relay. Want to get yourself pumped to race? Read Dan’s blog and watch the unbelievable Dooster videos from the NP Summit and the Madison leg of the North Face Endurance Challenge Series.



Not racing? You still should come to Marin, get your bounce on, make some new NP friends and cheer on your tribe to a #PodiumSweep. The Marathon Relay starts at 11AM, so get your arse out there by 9AM to take in all of the standard prerace November Project banter. Parking is limited by the course start, so avail of the shuttles that will be running out there from the city (shuttle details). We’ll have a unique raceday stencil too, so bring your Grassroots gear to get tagged! Also, we’ll be having a HUGE after race party on Saturday night in a soon-to-be-disclosed location. Watch our Facebook for more details on that one.

Have a great fucking weekend, tribe! You kids deserve it!



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