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Here in 2012, many humans are investing in different tools to help them workout. A new pair of shoes, a new kind of energy drink, or even the latest lightweight fabric that will keep cool breezes hitting all the right areas. At November Project we understand how these exciting new concepts and toys can be fun and sometimes can make working out a little more exciting (Example: Your billion dollar bicycle will taunt you every day that you don’t ride it… so you get out and ride it). We are guilty of this sometimes. Where are we going with this? Well, at the end of the day, you need to look at the total work you’re doing and ask yourself, “Is this enough?” and “Is the volume at a level that will help me hit my goals?” Are you only going to our sessions on Wednesday and Friday? What are some other things you’re doing or should be doing to gain speed, trim down, or just feel better?

No more beating around the bush: We are adding a third session to our training week – MONDAY – and want to hear from you. What kinds of workouts would you like to do with the always positive and upbeat #novemberproject tribe? Like our other two sessions, we plan to make it a standard workout moving forward. This way, you’ll know what is waiting come Monday morning and you can easily track your improvements. Please add your suggestions into the comments section on this post, on our FB wall, or Tweet that shit out… Tweet it out hard!.

A few that are leading the pack at this moment….

1. Core & Upper Body Work “Deck Of Cards” in Chinatown

2. Running Group MeetUp “Choose Your Own Mileage” at The Charles River Workout Stations – Charles River Running Path

3. Stadium Sprints “Speed Work for PR’s” at Harvard Stadium

Please add your thoughts, comments, questions, and jokes so that we know you’re alive. After all, this is your tribe, this is your team, this is your November Project.

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10 Replies to “Monday Workouts”

  1. I like the China Town workout best. Here is why…

    No other group in the city does that. What!? Under the gates of China Town!? With the old dudes playing checkers? How awesome would that be!? That is my vote. Plus, the photos will be awesome.

  2. Yeah, I agree with BG – i would go with “Deck”. It’s a whole new level of workout and something that could be combo’d should some of us already have track practice in the PM:)

    Not inclined to do stadium sprints as I think WED cover that shiz like a Christmas onesy.

    love that this is happening.

    looking forward to a “there is no WEAK in WEEKEND” workout. Coming in the Fall, perhaps?

  3. I am very into a deck of cards Monday morning- I’m all about sidewalks, and the more time I spend on them, the better my day. Perfect.

  4. I like deck suggestion as well but then I saw this tweet from @Marathon_Sports: “@Nov_Project Track work at Harvard. 400m repeats for POWER.” I’m a big fan of #POWERandTHICKNESS!

  5. 5k time trial along the river. Couple of options: Community Boating to Western Avenue (but that’s a one way and people have to walk back) or Hatch Shell to the little half-moon path by the Silber Way footbridge out near BU (the first footbridge past Charlesgate) which, if you loop back on the path in the middle of the half moon is, voila, 5k. We have hills, this would be flat out speed without the annoyance of a track workout.

    The only issue is that Monday morning I often come off a weekend of exciting things and am sore as a MFer, but that’s no excuse not to run fast, right? On the plus side, this would be 5 minutes to my office and I’d be content and at my desk and showered by 7:30 flat.

  6. Mondays are for mileage to get ahead of the game – not matter what the rest of what the week throws at you, you’ve got a head start.

    I’m also afraid that the cards in Chinatown will slowly spiral into the “Always Sunny” episode where Frank runs an illegal gambling racket in the bar’s basement.

  7. What about incorporating something with that plyometric street workout area on the Esplanade? Some pull ups, pushups, dips stuff I always see it and people using that stuff though so it could be busy.

  8. So I’m down for the deck of cards workout. I had to google it to see what it was…but sounds pretty bad ass to me. The only thing that im not into is the location. Chinatown? Just saying…for those that don’t drive nija cars (bikes?) it can be a bit tricky. Be well, Maureen

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