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November Project San Diego MOM

Meeting of the Minds (MoM) took place in California – at Big Basin Vineyards this past weekend. This event was four days in the woods with 100+ co-leaders from 8 countries,  and 49 cities and was an incredibly powerful weekend. Thank you to Brogan Graham, Bojan Manderic, Laura McGreen, our HQ team and the NorthFace , our official partner, for making it happen and bringing this master piece together to keep this movement heading in the forward direction.


We continue to be floored by what this movement is about and are continuously reminded about how this is not just about the workout. Though you may show up on Wednesdays and that is the main, the only or perhaps just one of the reasons, know that you are also part of something greater. This movement is fueled by partners who have values in building community, making meaningful connections and encouraging time outside for all ages and stages. We were continuously floored the quality of the humans behind this movement and the many tribes who are showing up every M, W, F one, or combination of these each week, no matter what the weather. Spreading kindness, positivity and encouragement of taking risks and growing every day around our cities and around the globe.


The days of MoM were filled with teachings and discussion about the direction we are heading with November Project as a Non-Profit organization, about how to be better, about how to create a more inclusive, diverse community, how to create an environment that can be a part of, a spark to create change in someone’s life. For the 100+ co-leaders at MoM, this movement has had an impact, and we know as these 49 cities grow, it has changed a few more lives than that.


More than anything, we saw 100+ humans who are committed to this movement.  Liz and I walked away feeling so excited to be part of this community and we are so committed to all of you in Ottawa who step out of your comfort zones every week, who are every week contributing positively to this community and making Ottawa a better place to be. We are more committed to each other as co-leaders and love spending time finding ways to make this better. It may not have impacted you yet and you may not feel that same commitment, but give it some time, give it a chance and let those around you impact you and share it with others- you don’t know how it could impact or change their life unless you give them that chance.


Ask Liz or me anything you’d like about MoM- make sure you set aside at least a few hours – there are so many things we can share and disucss with all of you- because you are the reason this thing keeps on moving forward and we want you to be a part of its future.


Today under the leadership of Rebecca and Stephen, humans continued to connect on our regular Wednesday morning time at our home at Td Place. Thank you to those who stepped up to take on more responsibility than usual and taking ownership of this community. Thank you to the newbies who showed up and were up for anything thrown their way and thank you all for sharing your morning, your time and your energy on this Wednesday morning.  We were proud to leave the tribe in your hands this morning and know you changed someone’s day just by showing up.


Here’s to bringing “soles” together.


Liz and Lauren


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