Member Spotlight- DARIN!!!


First off, I hate running–and those who know me hear me say that frequently.

Back in July- a best friend and some other friends kept telling me about a free morning workout at Champions Square called November Project.  I joined and after the first week, I was hooked-3 reasons…camaraderie, accountability, positivity!

Camaraderie—I’ve never been part of a fraternity, a private group, or anything like that–but I imagine the camaraderie that we have at NP_NO is similar. Being alongside these guys and girls each week and then running into them in the city, it’s like we are all best buds, that only spend an hour a week together. I feel like my close circle of friends multiplied drastically after just a few weeks.

Accountability—Verbals—always part of the tribe, even though we didn’t know how to use them at first!  The accountability that we put on each other isn’t to put someone down, but to scratch the surface and make them better. It’s so difficult walking into a workout knowing that the previous week, you bailed and everyone noticed. I’ve begun to miss the crew when something prohibits me from meeting up each week. We hold each other accountable to keep the tribe strong, alive, and relevant.

Positivity—man, this probably has the greatest impact on the group!  When we are out there working our asses off, there is always a bunch of individuals reminding us how great we are doing-  they don’t blow smoke up our ass, but they see the strengths that we have and focus on that to keep us going. Those comments, make such a great impact is us and I know they have made me push through many mornings.

The camaraderie, accountability, and positivity extend outside of the workouts too, but in the community. We get together to group up for other local road races and fun runs. We make sure we are good to go and that we train properly and represent each other and the tribe well.

NP_NO is truly a family. 

I began running uhm, the morning I #justshowedup. I’ve always been OK with other workouts, but I always felt I had an allergy to cardio and would do anything else but run. Well, obviously that had to change if I was going to continue with NP_NO. I went from having never truly ‘ran’ a mile, to running a 5 mi road race in 3 months and a 1/2 marathon in 5 months. The marathon was such an incredible feat for me, that I tattooed the distance and date on my leg!  I am so grateful for the tribe leaders, and most everyone out there for keeping this group alive!  We have come such a long way…I can’t wait to see where this tribe and the tribes all around the country go!

I’m sad to be leaving #Nola and this great group of people but work calls for me to relocated to Nashville…I’m happy that even during my interview trip, I spent the morning running…sporting #Grassrootsgear…  While there isn’t currently a tribe in Nashville, if any members find themselves in the area – hit me up and we can make something happen!

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Cheers to everyone at #NP_NO!  Thx for making a positive impact on my life…and the lives of others around the city!

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