Love Goggles (ORL)

Everybody gets a Valentine this Feb 14th at NP Orlando. What better way to express your love for someone? Do burpees together, OF COURSE!!!

Wisconsin Notes:

The Tribe arrived to a romantic candlelit setting with love notes scattered around a picnic blanket (to some, it looked like beginnings for a séance).
Each person had to give another person one of these homemade cards to spread the love… and together do the exercises written in their Valentine card.

Cheesy love notes read something like: “Will you be my…” (opens Valentine card) “…Hoistee buddy?” (do 10 hoistees together) Then run a lap!

I vaguely attempted to tie Winter Olympics as well into the Love Day themed Wednesday. Doing more than one theme per workout comes out as good as me giving myself a haircut and bangs — why do this? #lessonlearned

Travis from Colorado will properly redeem his Floridian coleader’s minimal knowledge of winter sports in a future workout.

After an impromptu core workout as a finisher on the dock, the Positivity Award landed in the hands of our hospitable, ever-recruiting, 6am-running/swimming Ray Bazzi. Guest blog with this story coming soon!!

After the group photo, our German friends, Lars and Neele, mailed us chocolate and showered us with Kinder-everything during our group photo. We got to FaceTime with them for a few minutes to say Danke and how much we miss them.

Find your Tribe. Love them hard.


  1. If you’re not already on our ‘secret’ social Facebook page, please add yourself to connect with cool things around our city.
  2. BUFFS. To get yours, 3 options: Bring a new person to NP Orlando; it is your Birthday; or Bring Allison or Travis $5.
  3. Smile, talk to strangers, be present, know your worth and know it’s priceless.


I’m glad you’re here.



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