Like Family

This is Maria. 

Maria has been attending the NP workouts for a while now and the more we get to know this chick the more we like her. It’s been fun to watch her continuously grow into this super athlete as she is now finding herself on the podium at races and continues to dominate the ladies division on PR day month after month. Her strong desire to be a winner is evident in her asking me to be on her team for the Ragnar Trails Relay this weekend. 

Last week she wrote this super cool post about how NP has become like family and with her permission I would like to share it with you now.

“Let me tell you something about my November project tribe that’s become like a family. My co-leaders are my parents, they nurture my fitness and guide me through an awesome workout every Wednesday morning they take care of us if we get injured. My tribe members that show up on Wednesdays are my brothers and sisters, they cheer for me and push me to excel but look out for my emotional well being too (they also tease me like any good big brother would do). Tribe leaders from other cities are my aunts and uncles when I visit they will show the same amount of love and care for my physical well being as my “parents.” Tribe members from other cities are my cousins, we laugh and play like siblings, and though our time is brief we count on each other like family for the half hour we are on the stairs together. Then there are our elders, our founding grandfathers that we all look to with respect. Who have taught us that family/tribe is greeted first with a hug then a loud good morning, we work hard and above all we are kind to one another.

Our stories are intertwined, your hardships have become my hardships so that you shall not bear them alone. Your success and achievements are my success and achievements so that you shall not celebrate alone”

Oh. And today is her birthday. 

Happy Birthday Maria! 

You are welcome for those birthday burpees this morning. 


The Tribe



BETTER THAN BEDTIME: Sunday, 4:00 pm – we will go on a 2 mi run from Arcadia Park to an unnamed party location. Theme is Risky Business. Be there. 

Ragnar Relay – A TON of us will be out on the trails racing this weekend. Keep an eye out. Come out and hang if you aren’t running and have nothing better to do.

PROPS TO THE TRIBE FOR STAYING STRONG IN THE RAIN THIS MORNING! You continue to amaze! We all know that that wet stuff is our Achilles heel here in Phoenix. #weatherproof


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