Let’s Make an Epic Shirt (BAL)

Things in Baltimore are getting fire-y, and this opportunity from The North Face is no exception. You’ve heard us talk about a design contest in the announcements for the past week or so, but then you saw the positivity award and thought about your tennis ball and where to get a sharpie and oh yeah Booyah Booyah Happy Birthday and SMILE, Gio’s taking a picture! Then you were off to your work day. And we don’t blame you. There’s a lot going on at 6:30AM and we want to provide you more clarity. So here it is.

We have the opportunity to do something epic, even more epic than our normal already-epic spray paint #grassrootsgear: design a North Face T-shirt for every single member of the tribe*. I KNOW RIGHT?! And rather than Pat, Nick, and I doing some comic stick figure sketches, we wanted to put it to you – the creative ones of the bunch. We invite you to get creative:

  • WHO: The best tribe around: Baltimore (WHERE).
  • WHAT: This is, obviously, a T-Shirt Design contest. Each and every member of the NP_BAL tribe will receive a TNF shirt with the winning design printed on it.
  • WHEN: All design submissions** must meet the below guidelines and be submitted via email to novemberprojectbmore@gmail.com no later than 10AM on Wednesday, August 10, 2016.
  • WHY: Because NP and TNF are freaking awesome. And they love Baltimore. #neverstopexploring

Winner Determination: Your mom and dads (aka Nick, Pat, and I) will determine the winning design from the portal and the winning design will be revealed to the tribe & submitted to The North Face soon thereafter.  

*The above image is an example of what the shirt could look like. TNF made this shirt for NP during Boston Marathon weekend.
**We want this shirt to scream Baltimore and what we love about this city. Get creative. Get wild. Be inspired. Your design could be printed on a TNF shirt! For the whole tribe!

Design Guidelines:

  • Designs to be accepted in JPEG/JPG or PDF format only
  • Winning design to be screen-printed in single-tone black ink
  • Area/Location of the screen-print design: centered on front or back of the tee
  • Area-width: up to 9 inches wide x 6-ish inches tall

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope this provides you will all the information you need to really blow this Popsicle stand and show the other 28 tribes that #NP_BAL really slays in every single way.

Use your noodle!

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