It was one of those Monday mornings that you remember for a while.  Or forever.  Because you got up and ran or biked to the Destination Deck location, which wasn’t close to your house unless your name is Ryan Komaiko or Jesse Ledin, and then found yourself doing a whole bunch of things that you just don’t do.  You don’t do them on Monday mornings.  You hardly do them at all.  See, you sometimes do a crab walk for fitness, or to lure a crab out of the sand, or when you sat on the ground in something wet and you’re trying to get your butt out of the wet.  And you sometimes bark like a dog when you’re playing with a dog, or practicing animal sounds with small children, or trying to shoo away the door-to-door marketer without opening the door.  But you just never really spend time crab walking and barking like a dog.

You definitely don’t go for early morning swims in the Fort Point Channel, and you rarely channel your inner coxswain and allow yourself to get tossed in from a dock.  But today, 10 lucky people did.

You don’t often do enough “I’m a Star” jumps to feel the fatigue from them, or speed eat Tootsie Pops.

So if you showed up at November Project Boston this morning, you now know how it changes your morning, day, week, (life!) when you do those things.  Also, when you team up, work together, run around like children at a birthday party, “shave” your friends with real Gillette shaving cream and not real razors (plastic spoons), and have sprinting races in alley ways.  When you embrace the day and whatever it hands you.  It changes you when you start with smiles, laughs, hugs, and stupid fun ways to get moving, exploring the city, and enjoying the community of really good human beings around you.  With all that goodness at 6:30 Monday morning, the shitty things later on that challenge us, frustrate us, make us sad, mad, hurt, or discouraged…well those things have less of an impact because we are building the foundation of our day, our week, and our thoughts with fun, laughter, play, positivity, and connection through community.

Did we get a great workout? Yup.  Did we have a shit load of fun? Awwww yeah.  Did we do some weird things too?  Most definitely.  We do it all.  Because that is what we do–we keep changing it up, making it a little weird and out of the box, because fitness doesn’t have to be normal, regular or in the box.  Monday mornings don’t have to be boring, undesirable or in the box.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see more opportunities today to finish lunch with a couple “I’m a Star!” jumps.  Or dip your toes in a body of water you don’t ordinarily.  Or hug a stranger.  Or run down a street with a friend.  Or find new ways to get out of the box.  Life is a #ScavengerHunt…go find it.

Keep changing the world.



  • If you took photos for your team today and did not yet post them to IG, with tag @novemberprojectbos and #ScavengerDeck & #yourteamname, you can also email the photos to Chris Payne at 06cpayne@gmail.com.  Please share all photos ASAP.  Today.  NOW.  Else your photos won’t be considered in the winner-winner-chicken-dinner photo contest.
  • it’s now August.  If you drive to the stadium for Wed workouts and you purchase a monthly parking pass, get a new one!  All the parking pass info is here.
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