Let’s do this! (Boston 1.2.19)

It’s a new year and many people are ready to KEEP the good stuff going, while others are ready to START some new routines & good stuff in their lives. Ideally we’re all ready to show up to those constant, steadfast Monday, Wednesday, Friday early morning workouts, and we’re telling everyone we know and everyone we don’t know about them too!

So we’re starting the year out strong. This morning we did one of our most favorite of all time workouts: Frogman1. It’s 50 sections of brutal concrete, that starts from section 37 and has a turn around at section 13. It’s a perfect reminder about what a new year can mean–it’s a GOOD THING to set big goals, even when you don’t know exactly how it’s going to turn out. These experiences of trying, with a little leap of faith, are precisely how we learn and grow. And it’s definitely a good thing to have to work hard at the things we set out to achieve. If it’s easy the first time we do it, we probably need to set bigger goals!

And however Frogman turned out for you this morning — more than 50 sections or striving to get as many as possible all the way until time is called — this serves as a beautiful, perfect starting point for this year. Next week, you get to remember how today went and use it as a stepping-off point. And next time we do Frogman1, you get to remember how today went and use it as motivation to get more sections than you did today. Each day, each week is connected to the others. Today is the first of 52 Wednesdays–and it’s an opportunity to decide how we want to use each of those Wednesdays to be training for whatever is on our calendars…and to be training for life. You could even decide to show up to every single one of those 52 Wednesdays of 2019.*

Stuff to get excited about!

The next annual #ML6K is coming up. On January 21, at both 5:30am & 6:30am, we will be hosting the #Sunrise6k, which is a race.

  • The distance is 6k, or 6000m, which works out to be juuuust under 4 miles.
  • Every single human is welcome and we are racing to make each other faster and make ourselves faster.
  • In order to start #hyping the race to all your family and friends, we’re announcing the location now–which will be at the Harvard track. Easy to get to and familiar to all of us!
  • The next two Monday workouts will help prep for the race–get your butt to those! Monday 1/7 (6:29am) will be at Flagstaff Park just across the river, near Harvard square.

Here we go now!** Let’s do this 2019

*Technically, I promised the 6:30am group this morning that if you do show up to all 52 Wednesdays, I’ll give you a car. Keep showing up and we’ll talk on Dec 25, 2019.

**In honor of George Woodward, one of the most positive and awesome human beings in the NP_BOS tribe, who was given the #positivityaward today. He gives some serious good vibes at the 5:30 Wed workouts and often at the 6:30 one too…as well as Monday and Friday. If you haven’t given or gotten a high 5/hug from George, make a point to do so. And get to know him. He’s interested in getting to know you, and that stuff makes this whole tribe & community stronger. We’re glad you’re here, George!

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