While we were all sleeping on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, BG and Bojan were across the pond, inducting two new tribes into our wickedly weird family — WELCOME LONDON AND AMSTERDAM! #worldtakeover is a real thing. It’s all happening. November Project is now up to 31 cities in 6 countries around the freaking world! Can I get a FUCK YEAH?!?!?! To catch you up, NP is primarily in ‘Merica, with several cities in Canada, then there’s Serbia and Iceland, and now London and Amsterdam. I think we are all thinking the same thing: I need a bigger passport shirt. (PS I am owed ONE maybe even TWO city tags … ahem Edmonton and NYC…)

I had the brief pleasure of being in the presence of the Amsterdamians at Summit 4.0 and those chicks ROCK! To be honest, I was half expecting them to receive their induction at the Saturday night NP Olympics; however, bittersweetly, Bojan and BG had other plans, as they usually do. Currently, they are galavanting around in Iceland… BG met LL Cool J during his travels over to London … I hope they met Bjork in Iceland! She would obviously trump all of efforts in the costume department FO SHO.

In honour of the monumental day, here in beautiful Vancouver, we decided to have a #worldtakeover/backtoschool workout … Needless to say, things got interesting. We comprised the workout of Arts & crafts, Geography and Physical Education, of course. We broke the group of roughly 80 peeps into groups of 4 – the workout consisted of a shuttle runs station, Amsterdams (then Tik Toks) station and lastly arts and crafts. We started with one person running to tag out the next – you couldn’t leave the station until you were tagged out by a teammate (a great way to remember faces and names). The idea of the workout came from a very classic, much used and loved NP workout from “The Bible” – and as it turns out, MKE was doing an ART DAY as well!! Great minds think alike!

It still boggles my mind just how rad this whole thing is. I am elated to be a part of it and even more so, grateful that I have the opportunity to be a leader in Vancouver. It really is a blessing and has made me want to be an even better version of myself, not only for the NPYVR tribe, but for me as well. I cannot wait to see what the future of November Project holds for us … For now, we have EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING to look forward to and Summit 5.0 in 2017 (Vancouver – it’s time to represent)




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