Let It Snow!

2 incredible things happened in the past 24 hours…  1st, I got a Victory Royale on free airport WiFi!  

2nd, A ton of people showed up on a snowy SEPTEMBER morning to run hills together.  Proof.

My late-game portal drop-in to Scar takeout was pretty incredible, not to mention the celebratory “swipe” dance.  Although this was a pretty fantastic moment at Gate 24 of the Ottawa airport, it still sits in second place for play of the day.  

We’ve said it a million times on these blog and it still holds true…If you live in a crazy climate like Edmonton and you want some happiness in your life, you better be a gamer.  Uh, not that type of gamer like Fortnite gamer…  The gamer type of gamer, such as, “Holy shit, it’s really snowing out there!  It’s September and 530am!  How ‘bout I throw on the old Nikes and go run some hills with my buddies, eh?!”  That kind of gamer.  

Kudos for getting out of bed and making these ridiculous days start off with a dose of positive happiness!  We bounced, we hugged, we swore and sang!  We even threw snowballs at babies!  It was so much fun!  

Monday we will meet here on the bridge

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