Laughing like Hyenas!

They say laughter is the best medicine.  A cure to all illness.  A remedy for frowning faces, drooping shoulders, and furrowed brows.  A solution to your problems.  This morning, much like the flu vaccine, we used fierce laughter to preemptively combat the inevitable urge to throw up on that 13th hoistee.  We used it to fight off the rise of lactic acid in our calves, trudging though the sand.  We harnessed the powers of laughter to fend off the burning in our quads on that final sprint to the finish.  This is just science, people.  Laugh more, live better.  Laugh harder, live longer.  Trust me on this, I live with a doctor.













Bottom line, this morning we both busted our asses, and laughed them off.  We pushed each other with smiles on our faces, and grinned like idiots as we powered through a brutal workout.  You’re all amazing human beings who have the ability to spread that laughter, that overwhelming positivity, to anyone and everyone you encounter.  So go out into your day wearing that silly grin, knowing you took on the morning with fierce determination, positive energy, and 80+ of your craziest, strangest, most beautiful and amazing friends.  Be happy.  Be bright. Be Strong!













On my last day leading November Project Los Angeles I wrote a blog about crying.  Crying out of sheer hope and happiness.  I was grateful, humbled, and proud to have been part of something so incredible.  And I was overwhelmed by the limitless possibilities this change would bring.  I felt those same emotions this morning.  What you’ve given to me, NPSD, I plan to return with the same intensity, passion, and positivity I see from you all week after week.  Let’s fucking do this, San Diego!!

I’m proud, honored, privileged, ecstatic, pumped, positively psyched, and 100 other emotions I don’t have the words to describe, to step in as the third co-leader of the fiercest, most badass, straaaange and supportive tribe in the November Project universe.  Get ready to run faster, hug harder, bounce higher, and of course, laugh louder than ever before.











-Ab Coach Angelo

Snoozefest Newsfest:

 Wednesday:  As always, we meet at the Bea Evenson Fountain next to the Natural History Museum. 6:29AM.

Next Monday:  Brush up on your motorboat.  The water kind, not the boob kind.  Well… I’ll leave that up to you.  Either way, be at Model Yacht Pond on Vacation Island.  6:29AM SHARP!

Cosplay 5K!:  Study you superheros, because when ComiCon comes to town, NPSD takes flight.  Mark your calendars: Friday, July 10th.  Stay tuned for more details…

 Homework:  Spread that fierce laughter.  Tell a joke to your cashier.  Share a laugh with your co-worker.  Lighten up and improve someone’s day with a little laughter.  Life is pretty rad, and we all deserve a good laugh.



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