Far More than a Workout


This morning, I cried. I woke up, slipped on my grassrootsgear, met my incredible tribe, ran the shit out of some crazy hill, gave hugs, fuckyeahs, went back to my place for coffee and donuts with some of the best people I know, more hugs, packed my things, bid my fairwells, sat down in the car next to Lauren, and cried. Tears of change, tears of pride, hopeful for everything to come, grateful for the dozens of incredible human beings that have touch my life with an undeniably heavy hand. I cried, happier, more fulfilled than I ever could have imagined.


I wasn’t “in the right place at the right time”. I didn’t “get lucky”. I seized an opportunity, abandoned my comfort zone, and opened myself to new experience with limitless potential.

When I first met Orrin, he told me of this fitness/stair running group he had just started (the early stages of recruiting!). This group got together for workouts at the Hollywood Bowl bright and early, and gave LOTS of hugs. I told him, “Stairs sound great, but I’m really not much of a hugger…”


Abandon your comfort zone. Take big risks. Do things that cause you fear. Remove stress from change and realize that it is necessary for personal advancement. Nothing GREAT ever came from staying in the same place doing the same things. Remaining stagnant day in and day out, you will survive, but you certainly won’t flourish. Perpetually leap outside of your comfort zone. Comfort and complacency are ingredients for the mundane and the enemies of progress. You are all capable of achieving greatness. We are all capable. Set your goals high, and have true belief in yourself to pull this shit off. Fuck resistance and all those who carry doubt. If you want it bad enough, there is literally no stopping you.

Know this. NP can be more than just a workout group. If you want it to be. Sure, at surface level we’re just a bunch of confidently weird people who get together each week at the butt crack of dawn to work out, right? Sure, but holy crap is it so much more than that. The people you choose to surround yourself with shape your character. Realize that this tribe can be a support system, a source of motivation, inspiration, a catalyst for happiness, laughter, a judgment-free, all-inclusive community in which you can let loose and fully express yourself. If you so choose to let it, November Project and all of the amazing people who show up week after week can, and will, have an impact on your life. You are an invaluable human being and we all want you to share in this experience. The tribe is strong.

You haven’t seen the last of me #np_lax. I’m taking San Diego by storm, and you better believe I’ll be carrying the spirit of my tribe every bright and sunny, sweat filled morning. I love you all. Keep doing what you do best, #uniteLA, and never stop spreading that positivity!




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