Know Your Tribe: Casey Revman

If you’ve been to NP Boston in the last 2 years, you know this chick. A regular at workouts 3x/week, and a devoted tribe member here in Boston, Rev is a rockstar and crushes workouts while pumping up the people around her. If you DON’T know “Rev,” aka Casey, aka #revMan3, it’s time. Keep reading to find out more…

Name: Casey Revman
Alias/Nickname: Casey/ Rev
Date of First Workout: Fall 2015
Why’d you Just Show Up? To meet awesome people that have become like family and do
these fun workouts that I didn’t know I could do.
Bostonian or Transplant? Bostonian
Tribes Visited: Only Boston
Tribe Crush: He used to go to NP Boston a lot but then moved across the world for his new job.
(Dan Slavin) We Met through The Breakfeast Club on the Cambridge Side. I also found out he
did NP as well. As we went to a lot of the workouts, we got to know each other more and
clicked. Even though now he’s across the globe being a hero – I wish he was still here in Boston
because he’ll always be a special person to me.
Favorite NP Day of the Week: Wednesdays and Mondays
Favorite Recurring Workout: Running a Century at Harvard stadium.
Least Favorite Recurring Workout: Used to be Hills.
Favorite NP Workout EVER: My favorite NP Workout was the week of Summit where all the
tribes came to the stadum. I met a lot of people and connected with them during the workout.
I’ll never forget… After running hills on a hot summer day, Everyone jumped in the swimming
pool to cool off.

I laughed hardest when… This past Friday when everyone was running up the hill, some
people were shouting, and everyone was having fun. I started laughing because I thought it was
Anyone inspire you at NP that you haven’t told yet (now’s the time…don’t make it weird)?
I can’t pick… everyone!
Why do you keep showing up? The people. Also because it’s become like therapy for me.
What do you do for a living? I work for Spartan Race as a sales assistant.
During my free time, I love to explore and be by nature. I love taking photos that inspire me
whether it’s of people or something in nature. I also love being around people.
When you were a child, what did you “want to do when you grow up?” I wanted to be a
fitness teacher. I did Cross Country and four half marathons all four years. I wanted to be a
cross country coach.
What is your superpower? Being Unstoppable.
What’s a question that we didn’t ask that we should’ve? I can’t really think of anything
What city should start a tribe next? Portland Maine

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