Kindness Act Challenge (YEG)

Kindness elves arrived in our grade two classes at my school at the beginning of December. Since that day our grade two students have been finding ways to spread kindness in and around our school community. Yesterday I came home to find the very best mail, letters from our amazing students. One of the notes challenged me to complete a very specific act of kindness:

We have a kindness elf named Buddy Peppermint Jingles. Buddy leaves notes to help us do kind acts. Do you have the power to hug 5 people and spread kindness? Marry Christmas!!!

Do I have the power? You bet! This morning, I proudly reported back to our sweet littles that I hugged even more than 5 people this morning! I also shared that I have an incredible opportunity three mornings a week, before I get to school, to give and receive in the kind act of sharing an embrace with someone.

While there is always something magical about this season I am so proud of the fact that our community expresses displays of kindness all year round. Encouragement, hugs, check-ins, welcoming hellos, kudos, companionship, friendship, and all of the other little acts that happen each morning and beyond make a difference in each of our days.

Just as the grade 2s challenged me, I want to extend the following challenge to each of you: Do you have the power to spread kindness? & what will you choose to do with that power?

A special thank you to everyone who cheered on people on the hill this morning. I don’t know how but it felt like the hill got steeper over the last week! It was a grind! Good job to everyone who braved the cool temperatures to make their way up and down Walterdale!

Also, today’s edition of What’s In the Bag left us empty-handed. The next opportunity to play will be Monday!


  • Saturday – We’re partnering with our friends from CBC for a Turkey Drive. Join us for a free 5k with our friend Nancy Carlson on December 14th. Details here!
  • Monday – Show up at the Churchill Square Christmas Tree 6AM
  • Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs 6AM
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM

And in case you were wondering and planning ahead…YES, we will be at the Royal Glenora Stairs Christmas morning, Wednesday, December 25 at 6 AM. As we’ve always promised, we will show up for you each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, no exceptions! 😉

Until next time…SMILE!

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