Just Keep Swimming..

The tribe swam through the workout this morning. Yes, there was so much sweat shed on the hill that swimming became a part of the workout. Here, the tribe gathers before the workout:


The workout’s base camp was at the top of the original “OG” hill where several decks of cards were scattered face-down. For each of suit, there was a different workout involved. Heart & Spades = running to the top of Gold Metal Hill, then completing push-ups or box jumps corresponding with the number on your card. Clubs & Diamonds = running back down to the bottom of the original “OG” hill to do either do the corresponding number of burpees or to turn around and sprint  right back up.


30 minutes of this was HARD. The tribe was sweaty. The tribe is STRONG.

After the workout, tagging both black and rainbow-style ensued, sweaty hugs were given, and a family photo was taken..from the bushes to fit everyone in.


Kudos to Rachel White for tagging, Jon Levitt for his #traverbal from #NP_BOS, Hilary for her #traverbal from #NP_SF, and the whole damn tribe for kicking a$$ this morning. This morning’s lumberjack was Audrey Goodew and the positivity award went out to Blaine!


FRIDAYS!!!! Stairs. UMN boathouse, 6:27am. You aren’t good at running stairs unless you train running stairs.

SUMMIT: get on this guys, it’s next month! Info on the FB page.

See you Friday/Next week!


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