Who Gon Stop Me (DCA)

In the words of the not so late, and loved/hated Kanye West, ‘Who gon stop me, huh?’

When you’re laying in bed, listening to the silence after you viscously shut off your alarm, it’s incredibly easy to roll over, let your eyes close, and drift back into warm sleep. Who gon stop you? (besides the dog that has now licked your face, dog owners ya feel me?)

When you’re done putting on your workout clothes and you sit back on the couch before zooming out the door, it’s way to easy to say you’ll run tomorrow or to convince yourself that the extra 45 minutes of disrupted sleep is worth it. Who gon stop you?

When you’re out on that run/bike/swim/rodeo clown business, it’s extremely easy to convince yourself that you can just turn around here, you don’t need that extra mile/lap/bull running you said you would do. Who gon stop you?

When you’re on the stairs of Lincoln with hundreds of people, sometimes it’s easy to take a little extra rest, stand around a bit. Who gon stop you?


YOU are the one stopping you. But who gon stop you from stopping you? Ok, I admit this is getting confusing. The point is this: only YOU can stop yourself from taking the easy road, or turning around early, or not letting the bull chase you. When all those excuses start to pop into your head, drop them and fill your head with the cheering, the high fives, and the F Yeahs of a few hundred smiling, positive people. Where can I do that, you ask? Not only in the District MWF but in 20 other cities (soon to be more). So come to NP, find your motivation, find your newest friends, and find that smile again. We manufacture them for FREE.


FRIDAY: Meet at the corner of 6th and Neal NE @ 6:29AM to #EarnYourWeekend

August 30th: Tagging party @ Meridian Hill Park, time: TBD.

TODAY: Make someone smile. Meet a new friend. Say hi to a stranger. Do all three.

Shark fins, OUT


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