Just KEEP Showing UP (VB)

We are several weeks into fall and it is sad to say, many of our friends have fallen for the tricks of the seasonal change. Who Me? Yes, I see you laying under your down comforter reading this. It’s OK, we aren’t here to throw shade, we have all been there. It’s dark AF out and you are pretty sure that you’re probably going to have to wear an actual jacket if you go to the workout tomorrow.  You lay in bed scrolling Instagram, debating in the back of your mind if you REALLY want to go to Wednesday’s workout. You are pretty sure your friend has to work early, so he won’t be there, and your ankle has been kind of tweaked lately. “Ah, I’ll just skip it tomorrow. Only once.” you say. But then, something really terrible happens… you do that shit again on Friday, because it is so much darker and colder on Friday. Before you know it, the stores are putting out green shamrocks and you have missed your NP family most of the winter. Not to mention your jeans haven’t fit in a month.

I am here to tell you that NO it doesn’t get any easier as the years go by and the seasons pass.  But you can learn to trick the seasonal devil and continue to get your morning dose of endorphins and Fuck Yeah’s.

Here are Jill’s Pro Tips for Showing Up, Staying Fit, & Keeping Your Sanity this winter.

  1. Get yourself a fitness accountabilibuddy. A person that you commit to staying fit with. You text each other every Tuesday and Thursday night with “I can’t do it without you” or “Don’t be an ass and stand me up” positive messages. I’ll wait while you pick someone….
  2. You look at the weather on your genius smart phone and pick out a #weatherproof outfit (double points for #matchymatchy) and you put it on your dresser BEFORE YOU GO TO BED! Don’t forget the shoes, gloves and buff.
  3. You bring back the old November Project tradition of throwing a #Verbal on the hype post, and actually mean it.  Furthermore, you are fully prepared for a friendly reminder from your loving co-leaders that “We missed you” the next morning if you are by chance a no-show.
  4. Go out and buy yourself some actual warm fitness related attire. This is a no brainer, but we see so many of you freezing because of poor choices. Take it from mom, layer layer layer!
  5. You remember just how fucking good this shit is! It’s not just good when we are at the beach, or when it is 78 degrees, or when you feel fit. #Thisshitisgood ALL THE TIME, and sometimes, it is even better the crappier it is outside or the crabbier you are. Badasses are made in February.

So now that you have all the necessary tips in your bag of fitness tricks, I ask you to remember this one very important thing. Many of you have heard me say it before, but it bears repeating.

Without YOU, there is no free fitness workout. Without YOU, it is just Cory and I alone, jumping & singing off key.  Without YOU, there are no sweaty hugs. Without YOU, the mountain is empty.  Without YOU, there is no NPVB.  YOU are EVERYTHING!!!

Wisconsin Notes

-This Friday: NSU Stadium (Every second Friday of the month) 5:30am

-Going to Summit, You might want to check the event page for important time sensitive stuff.


-Join us Sunday Nov 24th for our annual Friendsgiving Feast, info at the event below.


-Not a member of our FB Social pages? Check out the Bulletin Board for all things NP and Fitness.  And don’t forget our new Community Center where you can ask for help moving or invite friends to your Christmas pageant.


~Keep Being Awesome! Love, Jill

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