Just Do Whatever (YEG)

Andrew and I should never be left in charge of anything. Jen was away (yet, somehow still had to get to work) this morning and it was up to us to figure out what 250 people were going to do in the biggest stadium in Canada. So, while the two of us were discussing the workout, our ADD kicked in and all of a sudden we had 2 minutes before the bounce. Since we couldn’t decide on what to do, we thought it’d be interesting if we told people to “Just Do Whatever” today. That’s right. Do whatever you want to do today. Start here, start there, start wherever, go wherever. And while it might not have made any sense to anyone, somehow, it made sense to everyone. People just did whatever. Instructions are overrated. This might not work on a Monday. Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that Jen comes back before all hell breaks loose.


Friday we are back at Walterdale Hill. We will do whatever while running up and down the hill.

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