Jump Squats instead of coffee???


Today….Today, it snowed. We don’t care, we showed up, and embraced the snow, burpees were a challenge, so instead, we had jump squats for coffee with a side of stairs.

We have some ‘we missed you’ to add for the first time, and from what I was told, some alarm clocks didn’t work, looks like all alarm clocks in Calgary malfunctioned this morning, and we have a shortage on repair men, any offers from other November Project Tribes, I am sure the pay will be worth it since its in such high demand right now.

Check the facebook page for the ‘how to’ walk/run up stairs, and to see how beautiful it really was this morning. The city was in a white out and unfortunately it will be melted later today.

Wednesday we gamble, we roll the dice to see what’s ahead, and we will work.

Exciting news, Calgary logo is ready, and waiting to be seen….bring your gear to be sprayed on Wednesday and lets represent!

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