Superman, Banana (SD)

What do St. Patty’s Day, college drinking games, dance parties, Superman, and bananas all have in common?

They can all be worked into one pretty impressive November Project Monday morning.

Today we went back to our strength and conditioning roots with a Power Half Hour workout. The concept is simple: 30 exercises, 1 minute each. The workout? With exercises like the banana, definitely not easy. Your only rest opportunity? A dance break (which Chuck very smartly took advantage of).


To top it all off, a Shamrock Sprint and epic finisher’s tunnel.

Here’s the thing about November Project: what you get out of it is all up to you. We can give you crazy workouts and difficult moves, and you can either choose to be the flat banana peel laying on the ground or you can Superman/Banana/Steamroll the shit out of the workout (and the people next to you).

The power is yours.

Be happy, be strong, be bright, be lucky, and lose yourself to dance San Diego.

Important News Announcements:

– Recruiting Papers 3.0 – Thursday April 2, 7:30PM, Barrel Republic. Event link here.

– Stairs on Wednesday will be fun.

– Homework: RECRUIT! For San Diego, and beyond.


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