Nothing in life is free. Except for November Project and free race entries that we want to give to you. Read on.

Today at the workout we announced that we have THREE FREE entries to the Rock’n’roll Denver half or full marathon courtesy of RunWestin from our Boston tribe. So we’re going to run a little contest for the next THREE workouts (it’s easy to remember because THREE rhymes with FREE). Here are the terms:

Work out 1 (Friday at City Park, Museum of Nature and Science West Steps): contestant gets 1 point for each new recruit they bring

Workout 2 (next Wed at the Capitol Building): contestant gets 1 point for each new recruit; contestant gets 2 points for each newbie from the week before that returns

Workout 3 (Next Friday, location TBD): see Workout 2 terms.

**Bonus points if you can get one of the Bader-Cooley gang to show up to one of the next three workouts. Good luck….

That’s right, we’re running a good old grassroots recruitment campaign here to support #grassroots fitness. The top three recruiters in the pool of eager marathoner-hopefuls will get the entries. Don’t want to run in the race or will feel really sad if you don’t win the entries even though you brought all of your friends? Don’t worry, we have FREE schwag for the runner ups. BOOM. This just became a tribe wide contest. Let the games begin!

This post has been dedicated to the guys who get girlfriends and stop showing up. That’s right, Bader-Cooley gang. We miss you. Just sayin. 

Way to crush those clovers today! One month stronger. The Tribe is Fast!


FRIDAY (8/28): Museum of Nature and Science West steps for a good workout and a great view. #recruitrecruitrecruit


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