Did You Know? (BOS)

Few of you know that last November, BG and I stopped leading NP_BOS so we can devote more time to grow November Project as a movement. It was a bittersweet moment as we knew that decision is right and necessary to continue the World Takeover, but we knew that we will miss leading workouts. We will miss the bounce. We will miss the ability to make people do some of the most obscure shit while keeping the straight face the whole time. We will miss the newbie meetings. We will miss taking photos. We will miss writing WISCONSIN NOTES. We will miss the scream that follows the line: “Have a great day!”

One thing I knew we wouldn’t miss however, is the last Wednesday of the month. And I’m not talking about running 37 sections for PR. I’m talking about is going through the logistics of setting up jams/DJ, hauling stencils and cans of paint to and from the workout, dealing with the shirts that get left behind, recruiting the paint crew to help with tagging and then tagging ourselves, all while trying to complete a workout, entertain 700 people, and take photos. I felt like after every PR Day I needed to have a cigarette to calm the nerves. Oh, and I HATE cigarettes. Double oh, I don’t throw HATE around all that often.

PR days were rough and I don’t miss them. And that’s why today I was incredibly impressed with how smoothly the show went. It’s a testament that #DEE are not only better at this than BG and I were, but they seem to be able to accomplish more. Yes you may say that DJ Phoenix wasn’t around this morning, but did you know that Deniz personally reached out to multiple people asking them to bring portable speakers? Did you know that he screamed so loud during the 6:30 bounce that he lost his voice for the rest of the workout? Did you know that Emily who’s not even in the same state reached out asking if I need help with the blog post? Did you know that the quality of #GrassrootsGear this morning was one of the best that we’ve seen so far (killer job Paint Crew!!!)? Did you know that Evan was one of the fastest dudes at a 5:30am group? Now you know, and you should be impressed too. So thank you Deniz, Emily and Evan for your selfless devotion to your tribe. It wouldn’t be as strong without you!


On Friday we’re back at the hills so bring your hill running shoes. They may or may not be different from your flat-land running shoes but if they are, I want to make sure that you bring the right pair. And one last thing… #21HumpBeat may be used for few more hours. Get yer fixins as it will be retired soon. Stay tuned for more…


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