Jessica Colgan-Snyder Tells All

She earned herself the #PositivityAward within her first month of training with NP in Boston, MA. She trains hard and races harder. She has a look in her eye at at all times that says, “I’m having the most fun!” All of this while she’s expecting her first baby human that is currently growing inside her body. Like our original pregnant racer from Madison, WI, this amazing woman has not stopped attending NP as she gets closer and closer to her due date. She’s amazing and friendly and funny all in one. Ladies and gents… the world only has one of her… Jessica Colgan-Snyder!

November Project caught my attention because someone I knew from high school had been posting photos of morning workouts on facebook. I have always been a morning person and I’ve owned a gym membership since high school and/or worked out with Tony Horton or Shawn T at home.  I’ve run a few half marathons, road races and fun runs but never with any real training. I took kick boxing classes, step and power at the gym and I’ve always loved working out in groups but gyms get stale, people lose commitment and workouts get boring. This does not happen with NP. I inquired about the photos and checked out NP’s webpage then decided I would check it out that Friday, December 14th. My watch alarm went off at 5:15 am, Friday would be my first of many AMAZING workouts with the tribe.

One of the things I loved best about that Friday (besides the awesome hug from Brogan  ) was the diversity of the group. There were ALL SORTS of people, body types, athletic abilities, ethnicities, young people, and older people. It was fantastic!! Everyone was working hard and getting it done. There was no judgment, nobody was saying how slow other people were or bragging about how quickly they were able to get the work out in. Instead there was cheering, high fives and hugs being exchanged.

Something that has always inspired me is watching people give their all. When people continue to do something even though it’s difficult for them and in the end are ultimately successful can be so rewarding! Our bodies are amazing and we truly don’t know what we’re capable of until we push ourselves. On our own it is very difficult, for most people, to push beyond their comfort zone. It is easier to give up when things start getting hard if no one is there to boost you up and cheer you on. At November Project there is so much support and people genuinely want to see you be successful, improve AND have fun.

On days I do November Project I am more productive, I stay positive throughout the day, I have more energy, I’m naturally high for the next 14 hours. In March I found out I was pregnant and I was curious to what extent I’d be able to keep up with November Project. My doctor said to listen to my body, keep hydrated and make sure that I’m breathing throughout my exercises. On April 3rd I accomplished running 100 sections at Harvard and completed it again May 8th. I continued my workouts as usual paying close attention to breathing and drinking water. In May I had to leave NH to go to my other family and community Camp Hawkeye. It was tough to leave but great to be able to stay in contact through the blog , random homework assignments and different challenges throughout the summer! I had to return to Boston for monthly check ups and made sure that they fell on a Wednesday.

Returning officially to NP in October, 33 weeks pregnant, gave me new energy and excitement. #deckaday challenge really motivated me to keep my body strong. Along with Wed and Fri workouts I have been feeling FANTASTIC! At 38 weeks pregnant now I feel outstanding. I have more energy, no lower back pain, I’ve kept a healthy weight, the baby is doing phenomenal and I expect to have an easier faster deliver.

November Projects workout and community have made a huge difference in my life. I am inspired every workout by the amazing people who are there and I feel the best physically that I’ve ever felt. The best decision you can make it to show up. When I find out your name you’ll know who I am because I will be cheering you on and making sure you’re having an excellent work out! THANKS BROGAN AND BOJAN for what you’ve created and thanks to everyone who shows up and inspires me to do better and be better. Much love to you all!

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2 Replies to “Jessica Colgan-Snyder Tells All”

  1. I knew Jess in High School and this sounds just like her! All you Bostonians (and Camp Hawkeyers) are lucky to have her. Can’t imagine what a positive and fit beautiful baby will soon be entering the world.

  2. Jess, you are so awesome! I can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby (once the little peanut has had a chance to grow a bit!) and run with both of you! Thank you for all the energy and love you bring to NP. 🙂

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