January Challenge

**It’s not too late to sign up – we’ll make up a new team or add you to an existing team even if you are reading this mid way through January**

This month is a Team Leg Challenge with prizes for total volume and for “impressing” the judges (funny team names, community engagement, random outfits etc. – interpret this however you’d like).

You have been assigned to a team (see below) and you individually will do as many “reps” as possible within 30mins for every Mon Weds and Fri in January. Exercise demos will be posted the day before on our social media accounts.

You can complete the day’s challenge at any point in time but one person will need to submit your team’s TOTAL reps in this google form (see example scenario below). While we are encouraging you to challenge yourself it is VERY IMPORTANT that you perform quality reps over volume of reps. We have prizes that aren’t just for volume so think of this Challenge as being equally about team accountability during the winter. This challenge is hard and will be over an entire month – be safe and rest often. This will all be on the honour system. If only one person is able to do it on a particular day, that’s totally fine. We’ll share a tally of where your team is at each week in the blog. If you have any questions contact us on our social media accounts or send us an email at novprojectcan@gmail.com. More details were in Weds blog.


-Will King
-Julien Szostak
-Ginny Marinaro
-Dianna Riggs
-Janine Pushor
-Kyle Bosch
-Christa Gilroy
-Susan Olson
-Lee-Ann Jespersen
-Alex Boyko
-Andi Eng
-Lorissa Ireland
-Rob Hill
-Emily King
-Tom Loo
-Gail Everitt
-Christine Loo
-Caro Morgan
-Trudy Nastiuk
-Christy Suvanto
-Jorgen Jespersen
-Maria Orydzuk
-Meriam Wassef
-Kelly Freeman
-Courtney Hutchinson
-Claire McNiven
-Benny Chen
-Jennifer Marler
-Tina Brenner
-Rachel Persad
-Jason Shine
-Katie pope
-Catherine Vu
-Eric Decorby
-Peter Dang
-Ania Konikowski
Remember its not too late to join in on the fun even if its the middle of January

If you do not see your name please contact us on our social media accounts. We will be sending you a message with your team mates so that you can better decide how you want to communicate and hype up your team (text, email, whatsapp etc.)

E.g. It’s Friday January 1st and the workout is lunges and jumping squats. Eric is up at 6am and counts 100 reps over 30mins (that’s total reps of each exercise together). Peter does his workout at 5pm and gets 2 reps in over 30mins. Ania finishes 10,000 reps in 30mins at 11:55pm. Eric goes to this link and submits “10,102” reps for that day. All three message each other saying how awesome their team is and that they look forward to Monday’s workout.

This all making sense? Cool cool

Keep being awesome,


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