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The blog today is a two-parter. As we quickly mentioned this morning, a couple near and dear to our hearts is getting married this weekend!!!! Both of these amazing humans have helped shape and grow the community here in YEG and continue to #JustShowUp in life. We all wish them a fantastic celebration this weekend. If you are free they have extended a day of workout celebration to everyone – details in the photo below:

The rest of the blog is message from Jan! Jan was a recent recipient of the positivity award and has been steadily recovering post surgery. We miss her and wish her all the best! Quick announcements: Friday is at Walterdale hill and next week we are temporarily back at RG stairs (i.e. don’t show up at Commonwealth next week haha).

Keep being awesome,


I feel that I should start at the beginning…. My first ever November Project workout was on the morning of November 16th, 2016 in New York with my friend Rita. It was epic to say the least. We had to get up way before the crack of dawn and run through the dark streets of New York to catch the subway (Yes it was a tad scary, have you seen the size of the rats!) after a 20ish minute subway ride we were once again off and running through the streets to some park somewhere in New York overlooking some river, it was perfect! You know that you are in the right place when you are welcomed by a group of complete strangers ready to bounce. 🙂 I know that Rita would agree, it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. I was totally hooked on November Project!

Can spot them in the group shot?

I am very honoured to receive the Positivity Award and in truth I feel that I share it with everyone. Knowing that there are people like myself just showing up (in the rain or freezing cold winter) ready to work out, have some fun and cheer each other on, makes me feel like I am part of something truly amazing. I am grateful to our wonderful leaders, past and present, to all that they do and the energy that they bring to our workouts each and everyday. Wonderful humans!

I am really missing the November Project Family while rehabbing my hip and can’t wait until I am back!

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