It’s Not Just Hump Day!

You’ll never guess what today is! National Hugging Day! It’s true. No lie. So basically what that means for the NP attendees today is that you’re super ready for today and all the hugs it may hold. While we appreciate most hugging styles as a “better than handshake form of affection” we are partial to the hips in, full on, bear hug. (Think back to Padula’s demonstrations on Monday…and you all thought she just wanted to make the crew guys uncomfortable). We’ve prepped you well tribe! You are ready NPSD! You are prepared! Go! Hug the world! For free! Represent NP well and make strangers slightly uncomfortable with those bear hugs! Oh yeah, and nice job on the workout today.

Be Happy! Be Strong! Be BRIGHT SD!
Clarification of the Super Important Announcements:
Where: UNDER Crystal Pier (yes, on the sand)
When: Monday February 2
What: 6k … 3.7 miles
What: RACE against the entire NP nation
What: oh yeah, it’s the Sunrise6k … Sunrise colors encouraged!
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