It’s Always Worth It. I Missed You Wednesday. (bos)

Wahhhhhttt happened?!?! Where were you?! I missed you!

At 5:24 am this morning when my alarm went off (again) my first thought was woah. It’s awful bright for 4:30. Wait a minute, it’s wayyy too bright for 4:30. In a shuffle rather than checking my phone i ran to my microwave which revealed that i was ACTUALLY 5:25am…. woof.

We used to poke fun, makes jokes WITH people that slept in. That said they’ve be there. We used to razz each about not showing up and take screen shots of verbals and expose them to the world post workout to hold each other accountable. “Sail can we run sections together tomorrow”. Yes my Siri calls Emily, Sail and yes I meant at 5:29am THIS morning:

I’m glad you ALL had fun without me. I’m glad you all got all razzed together and bounces off the morning wakies and PR’d the crap out of those 37 sections. I know you guys dusted some fresh shirts and hopefully met some new faces. I know that you guys will have an extra pep in your step today that you can only get on Wednesday mornings at 5:29/6:29 am..

But in all seriousness, although we don’t use the we missed you page anymore, we’ve shifted focus to I’m glad you were there. I’m glad you were all there. This this is founded on accountability. If you sleep through one day that can trickle into 2 and a week – then a few months later you’re showing up and everyone is like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

I’m glad you were there. We don’t show up because of the razz and the poking fun. We don’t show up for the fear or blaming. We show up because showing up is so much better than sleeping in. The funny thing is, is that you do miss out. I missed you guys and your fresh grassroots gear, and your PR chain photos and the little snarky cracks that we make to each other while I’m capturing you running stairs like a bad ass.

What is comes down to is that I MISSED YOU THIS MORNING. I’m biking to work, grabbing a coffee and it’s not my usual Wednesday energy. You guys make each Wednesday better. And enough with this sleeping in business. It’s nowhere near as fun as the showing up business. Take it from me, don’t try it – it’s not worth it.

See you on Friday. All of you. what is that I heard? The hills are too far away? You only do Stadiums? You only do 5:30? I’ll see you there anyways. I promise it’ll be worth it.



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