It’s All About Celsius, Meters, And Eh’s Up In Here

by Laura

You guys ready for a love filled blog post? Because I’m about to drop words like “adore”, “appreciate”, and “fornicate”…wait what? Nevermind. Just ignore this entire blog post. Skip right over it. Nothing to see here, carry on, carry on! Laura got egged in the head yesterday in the middle of her work day. Then today she tagged shirts in the freezing cold and breathed in the fumes. Combine that with the closet full of cold medication she is taking and you have a winning blog post full of nonsense and love. Are you honestly still reading this? It’s like watching a car crash. Imagine what it feels like to be writing it. Holy shit, she is still writing. How could she possibly have anything else to *not* write about? The tribe came out in the biggest numbers yet. On one of the coldest days of the year. Gosh, darn it, I love you people.

Friday: 17th and Texas for some hill action with Mr. Chris Stivers! 6:25 AM!

by Jessica

The San Diego sky was on fire this morning (892°C, to be exact)…but so was our tribe! Out of the flames our brightly coloured tribe braved the chilly 6.6°C degrees to take on Push Up, Throw Down, Throw Up 100. It was a riot of colour as our tribespeople sprinted the 9, 18, and 27 meters between intervals of 20 partner push ups and throw downs (not the WWE style, we do ours for abs). We capped off the workout with a Midget Hump (only 804.6 meters) to prepare for the upcoming PR workout and I swear we made a double rainbow…what does it mean?!

Major props to our MVPs today, wear those golden capes well! The Recruitment Challenge has officially begun – if you need more recruiting papers, just give Lauren, Ash or myself a shout! As always, my dear tribe, you make getting up before the sun well worth it – be happy, be strong and BE BRIGHT! Eh?

Y’all good San Diego?
Fuck Yeah!

by Nadim

After some light snow, we climbed and climbed the stairs until there were no more stairs to climb. That’s not true, actually. There are many stairs left to climb, which is good because we are going to be climbing again next Wednesday.

THURSDAY: Meet us at the Pint Downtownat 7:00pm. This is your chance to meet the Leaders from every November Project Tribe! Wear your grassroots gear or your Oilers gear.

FIELD TRIP FRIDAY: We are going to Gallagher Park for our hill workout this Friday at 5:59am. If you show up at Emily Murphy Park, you will be running alone, and that is no fun. It’s even less fun when the rest of the tribe is a few minutes away from you having the most fun anyone has ever had… EVER! Don’t forget your sled!

Here’s the link for the location.

by Steve

It was a brisk -7°C in the non-state of DC this morning and the 7-15cm of snow they called for last night was pretty much all the way gone. We here in DC like to consider ourselves just as #weatherproof as our more northern tribe members and braved the cold like it was no big deal. Actually, it felt quite balmy once we started moving and the sunrise was definitely something you didn’t want to miss. Our 5:30am group continues to grow and represent the most badass of racers. Today was another round of the McEnroe workout (for tennis lovers and haters alike): running the stairs and doing partner workouts in between logs (one up and down on the steps). This consists of push-ups, burpees, air squats, partner plank, sprint to Abe, and our new favorite hop to Abe. Recruiting papers were distributed and the homework for the week was to recruit someone with your new fancy recruiting papers. RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT. Tell everyone about how much fun you have, how awesome the people are, and how awesome they are. We’re just trying to gather all the awesome/crazy/fun people in DC. We then sent everyone on their merry way, glowing in the sun and the cold.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Show up next week prepared for #Mugshots. We’re taking photos of everyone and making an album. Get serious, go crazy, make a sign. GET WEIRD. And bring your friends.

by The G Boys

Our Tribe of 25ish souls (a few left early…Jeff Mack) would not let the slippery slopes of the windy hill stop them from having the best start to the day anyone could ask for. Our hard workout was a new take on a reoccurring one that allowed us to play in the snow a little bit and we even got to catch some snow flakes on our tongues for the finale. Hell of a morning and we can not wait to see you all on Friday for a workout run by the Pat Bauch. He is gorgeous and smart so be there or be square.

by Flannel Dan

NP1609m had an impressive turnout of newbies, ehh, despite the negative 10°C morning temp. No new snow to report, though we are quite jealous of our eastern tribe mates that got doused with freshies that we’ve been toquing for. Today, the boys faced off against the girls in a ‘who runs in flannel better’ battle. Both teams ran figure-8s across our amphitheater for 20-minutes, tallying up the number of completed 8s. The ladies team, captained by first-timer, Ivy, took a commanding lead thanks in part to having a squad twice the size of the dudes. Not to be outdone, the gentlemen, led by birthday boy, Cisco, fought from behind as the teams faced-off in a dual of Lumberjack Sebastians (seven glorious minutes of Burpees while wearing flannel). The third and final element of the competition obviously was the Flannel Flair count. Each team has been awarded a point for each piece of flannel attire worn – shirts, pants, scarfs, hats, onesies. Results will be posted later. The Denver tribe was warm and fuzzy this morning. Don’t be a hoser, join us next week!

by Bojan

Photo by Alan Scherer

Combination of snow and rain that pooped all over Boston in the past few days conveniently turned to ice in the sub 0°C temperatures over night. This magical wonder of nature left the concrete steps of our beloved stadium nice and slippery just waiting for someone to crack their skull open. Since safety is our 3rd priority (right after tuning to jams on and up as soon as we get into the car, and checking twitter feed as soon as we open our eyes), we decided to move the workout over to the track. It seemed like the tribe was not disappointed. Our relatively short track workout of 25 minutes switched between doing burpees and 400m laps between partners. Was it hard? Well, let’s put it this way, with the windchill of -12°C not a single person complained about cold.

On Friday you will be led into the battle of Brookline hills by very competent and charismatic Evan and Amanda. Please behave and make sure that you look both ways when crossing the street.

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