…In One Word… STELLAR

WEEK #8 of #DADDYRICHTAKEOVER and these guest leaders keep knocking the workouts right out of the park! We are loving the creativity, the intensity, the nerves and the huge smiles splashed across their faces as they get that sweet, sweet high of leading the group of yahoos.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to this week’s guest leader:

It will be 629, and the park will be dark;
and he’s impersonating a dinosaur from “Jurassic Park”.

He has mega spirit, you cannot deny;
did you know he had a bee fly into his eye!?

He’s quirky loud and all-around stellar;
let’s give it up for Mr. Kyle Sellers!


Photo Credit: Thai Truong

“Dear November Project,

Where the f**k would I be without you? You have taught me so many things throughout the years, and I cannot thank you enough.

You taught me how to hi-five,

You taught me how to hug,

How to laugh,

And how to sweat.

But most importantly, you taught me that I needed to unlearn everything that I thought I knew.

What I thought I knew about making friends;

What I thought I knew about human interaction;

About dropping expectations, and excuses.

About playing.


I thought I knew how all these things worked. I didn’t.


I think in most cases we are conditioned by our environment and social norms, to act, behave, and think a certain way. Now this isn’t all bad; We look people in the eyes when we talk to them, know not to drive on the wrong side of the street, and generally have a sense of what’s right from wrong. But we also forget it’s okay to approach (things) differently, like working out, or meeting new friends, giving strangers hugs, or even our mental approach on what makes us happy. These fundamentals are lost, unless we exercise them, and I definitely don’t need to tell anyone who has been to one of our workouts… we know a thing or two about exercise.

NP is highly disruptive (in a great way). It completely challenges the way group fitness classes are, allowing this mentality to bleed into all other avenues of life. Encouraging me, and you to approach life differently.

November Project, I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks.

I didn’t know that you were a teacher, or that I was a student. I just came here to train.

But I guess that’s the magic with November Project, you just show up, and the rest is history.


I’m glad you’re here,

-Love Kyle.”

ALL. OF. THE. FEELS.  … No, I am not tearing up, there’s just something in both my eyes…

Richard and I could not be more grateful for all the guest leaders who said “F*CK YEAH!” when we asked if they would help us out or offered to help. Each one of them brought something unique and magical to the workout and for that WE thank you. Vancouver has something really special happening amongst our core group of people and we are loving that that group is getting bigger, better and stronger.





Mel G


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  1. BEAUTIFUL, AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE! thanks Kyle for writing that and for sharing with us your thoughts! great job everyone and keeping roaring and making life F*cking rad by being a reminder of how life CAN (and should be ) fun whether exercising or just simply BEING! hugs and love to all 😀

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