I LOVED This Morning (SD)

I really did. I loved EVERYTHING about this morning.

Ok, not everything. I didn’t love that part of the morning where Eugene shook out his super sweaty tank top sending his DNA flying all over Jenna and myself.

But otherwise, I loved it all.

From Alejandro’s sink full of kittens, to the sauna of a stairwell, to the slides made for kids aged 5-12 only, to the epic race finish by Cade, to the security guard that just really couldn’t believe that no trainer was getting paid by you guys, to the Hap Birth Boo to John, to forgetting where next week’s workout is (location is below), to new capes to new amazing tribe members.

This morning was just really, really damn good.

Like I said before the photo: most people HATE Mondays, but we aren’t most people. So keep smiling, be HAPPY, be STRONG, and be BRIGHT San Diego!


Hear Here:

– Next Monday’s location is the Sixth Avenue Playground in Balboa Park located here.

– Last Wednesday saw 180 of your faces show up to NP, let’s keep that trend going. See you all at the fountain in Balboa Park at 6:29AM!

– Homework: smile at more people. They may think you’re strange, but we do too, and maybe one or two will smile back. That could change their whole day! And yours too!

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