300 yards

We have been crushing personal goals for a couple years now.  Tribe members throwing down their first or fastest ever 5,10,25 and 100km races… or something like that.  So this morning we shook it up a bit.  Coming off a great sprint session at Commonwealth last week we thought Monday would be a great time to introduce everyone to the shuttle run test.  It does not sound that hard.  2 lines, 25 yards apart from each other, go there and back 6 times to total 300 yards.  Try and finish under a minute, rest for 3 minutes, do it again, rest for another 3 minutes, do it again.  Not sounding hard is different from actually doing it as everyone can attest to this morning.  A couple NHL team do this test and players must get under a minute in all 3 rounds in order to pass.  Just this past weekend, the Bruins top 3 draft picks all failed this test.  It is not easy.  The tribe decided to do it in the dark at 6am and I gotta say, you guys did amazing!  Not naming any former teammates but there was some better form on display than I have seen at previous training camps.  Didn’t see any pukers this morning which is good!  Did see a couple new people which is even better!  Have a great Monday!


Wednesday – Back at Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Moving to our new home at Walterdale Hill  (Park at Kinsmen)

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