I Hate Running, and I Hate Being Cold – Guest Blog By Mallory Mahoney

I’m going to be completely transparent. I hate running. And I hate being cold. (In fact, I’m a little surprised I was asked to write this post)

Combine those two elements and what do we experience? The core of November project. 

In my head when I’m running I have a internal dialogue that goes something like this:

“Alright, I’m feeling good! I wish I could see myself running. I bet I look like a gazelle. Ok, how long have I been at this? It Has to be at least 1.5 miles. Oh? 0.65 miles? I bet these silly fitness trackers aren’t accurate anyway.

Ok, starting to breathe heavy. Is that my side that is starting to cramp? (Jabs finger into abdominal muscles for relief). And now it’s hard to run with any sort of decent technique. Ok, slowing down. Now I’m at snail pace. 

C’mon music. Carry me through. No? Ok I’m going to “next” 20 more times until I find a song that makes me feel like a warrior. 

I was shooting for 5 miles but I think 3 sounds good. 3 rounds up to 5, yeah?”

And so on. 

I heard about November project from a post I saw by Ryan Wooderson letting all of his Kansas City friends know that NP was finally coming to Kansas City. I knew I didn’t like running but I decided to give it a go because, at the very least, I could snap some pics for my gram (amirite?)

I was greeted with a VERY loud “HELLOOOO! Come over here!!” from Tanya (and if you know Tanya, you know that girl’s voice can carry).

The workout started and it was the famous McEnroe. I left feeling exhausted and sweaty but even after day one, I had made some new friends. I still wasn’t sure about the whole running thing but decided to go back because it would be a good mental and physical challenge for me.

Fast forward to present day and I’ve got nearly a 3 year streak going. 

So why do I keep going and how in the hell have I kept that streak when I loathe running hater and I despise the cold?

My life is go, go, go, all the time. It’s not abnormal for me for leave my house at 5:15am and not return until 10:30pm. I work as a physical therapist and i teach workout classes on the side. I’m running around like a madman all day and I’m expected to be “on my game” throughout. 

As odd as it sounds, November project is a break from my typical day of chaos. It’s my time to push myself, for me, only me and without judgement or expectation.

I’m going to be honest. Sometimes I go and I don’t give it my all. I go and I check the box that I made it.  Other times I take on the challenger, that is myself, and push myself to destroy my PR. Sometimes I go with the intention of taking it easy and then my competitiveness rises to the occasion and I get after it. And occasionally I go and I catch up with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while or I learn about the life story of a total stranger. 

Sometimes I go to keep this damn streak alive. 

The point is, you just have to show up. It’s ok to have a day when you’re not feeling it. That’s been hard for me to accept as someone who typically doesn’t settle for second best. But I’ve always felt pressure to be the best, give it my best, and leave it all on the floor (or the stairs). But ohhhh lawdy, the pressure! It’s hard to keep up living like that and NP has helped me calm the eff down.

November project is not always about PRing or getting more flights of stairs in. It’s not even about keeping a streak alive. It’s about showing up. Do that much and you will surprise yourself with what you can do and how you can be changed for the better.

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