I didn’t ditch you

Soooo…. accordingly to my weather app, it looks like we’re through our first cold snap of this winter. Phew. It came fast and furious didn’t it?!

I thought I’d share something that I got to do earlier this week…

You might have noticed I wasn’t there on Monday. I didn’t ditch you.

Well, I kind of did but not because it was cold or I didn’t feel like waking up. Nothing like that.

I was asked to go and speak at the kick-off of a business case competition in freezing cold Jasper. Business students from as far away as Australia, Mexico, and Thailand were there as well as students from across Canada; they all came to compete and hang out together for a week.

I was asked to do a talk and basically hype them for the week and impart some kind of wisdom or advice on this group.

After thinking about it for a while, and consulting a few friends, it was obvious that something I could speak to these students about, that tied in some concepts you’d learn in business school while also not really being business-y at all, was building community through shared experiences.

Sooo…. I talked about us.

I whipped out a bunch of Steven Csorba NP photos, dropped them in a slide deck, practiced doing Rock, Paper, Scissors (mapping it out for a group of 90 people) and headed out to Jasper… on sheer ice highways.

Yes, I kicked things off wearing an NP coleader hat by doing a little RPS competition – in business attire, which I haven’t worn in almost 3 years now. I mean, isn’t that the right way to kick off a business student case competition?! I think so.

Most importantly, I wanted to talk about the power of connecting to a community – whatever that community is – and how sharing something together is a really powerful way to create and deepen engagement/affinity for “that shared thing”. I not only spoke about November Project but also a few other communities I get to be part of and/or lead. It was nice to have had the backdrop of great photos to help tell this story (both from NP as well as other groups I’m connected to).

As I was driving back to Edmonton – again, on the sheer ice highway – I couldn’t help but think about the shared experience we have. In particular, I was thinking about -20something days on Walterdale Hill. In January. These can be hard days. At that point in the winter, it’s been dark and cold for a long time. A warm bed might beat out eyelashsicles and snotsicles. Hands and feet have been numb MANY times by that point in the season.

But, we’re just out there.

Year and year. Month after month. Week after week.

We share a crazy experience that has really just become quite normal to most of us.

I hope I got my point across to those kids…. cuse me, young adults. I think I will keep refining that talk. It’s a good one to whip out when, on occasion, I’m asked to speak at a conference or lead a seminar.

Anyhow, I WILL see you this coming Monday morning. #verbal


  • Monday at 5:58am: see you at Louise McKinney Park
  • Wednesday at 5:58am- 6:34am– if you dropped off a shirt to be tagged, you can pick that up on Wednesday. Yes, we’ll be at Royal Glenora stairs.
  • December 3- something special is happening. And not at 6am. Bring a friend or two. #tistheseason



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