Hype the Hype (Boston 10.26.18)

We’re HYPED beyond the normal amount of hype that EmSauce and Capozzizzle can produce.  HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN is coming.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday next week is going to be brutally hard, insanely fun, and worth every minute.

We’ve all got a weekend to prepare–and we certainly earned our weekend this morning on the hills.  We warmed up with way too many burpees before running hill repeats, and did slightly fewer burpees each lap of the hill, for a grand total of all the burpees and all the hills, with the cherry on top of all the fun.  Cold fall mornings that start with NP are the fucking best, and today was a perfect example. 

But let’s talk about a few things for next week. 

Why are we doing this?

Good question.  First of all, next Friday is November Project’s 7th birthday and we want to throw a party all week.  SEVEN YEARS later, fitness is still completely free, super fucking fun, and it still challenges us to work hard and get better.  ALSO, this is a perfect time to remind ourselves that we are badass as hell and we do hard things like Hell Week.  Just as winter is coming on and the days are short and the mornings are dark.  This is what November Project is allllll about.

But what’s so fun about it?

Besides the name??? (say it with me, HELL-a-weeeeee-WOahMAN!!!)  There will be a fresh and totally unique tag (spraypaint on your shirt) for each day of the week.*  Also, when else do you get up way. too. fucking. early. to do something so. fucking. hard awesome. as WOahMAN?  Two years ago, we did #WOahMAN for the very first time and 100 people showed up for the 4:30am start.  Stupid and a little crazy?  certainly.  And so fun.

Okay, okay…but what are we doing, exactly?

Monday: we meet just like a normal Destination Deck workout at 6:30am–but be prepared for intensity and challenge (with a full range of scalability) that everyone can get their ass kicked doing.  LOCATION FOR MONDAY: Comm Ave. & Dartmouth Be sure to wear gloves/mittens for your hands (it’s cold in the mornings!!) and you might possibly definitely have some burpees to do, along with yes, please other good fitness stuff.


  • PRday in the stadium (5:30 & 6:30am).  Be ready to race. 
  • Halloween.  Wear a cape!
  • #GrassrootsGear tagging.  Bring a shirt to get tagged, and definitely bring the same shirt you got your Monday Hell-a-wee-WOahMAN tag on.
  • DJ Dukes will be spinning tunes. 


  • 7th birthday party for November Project.
  • 4:30am Start of WOahMAN at Corey Hill Outlook Park.  Be ready for running, a stadium, burpees, and hills.  It is a race and no race support will be provided so bring your own water/fuel/etc.
  • 6:30am Start of Friday hill workout.  Anyone still finishing WOahMAN will continue running.  Everyone not doing WOahMAN will crush hills. 
  • WOahMAN awards and HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN group photo.
  • evening social.  Yup.  SOCIAL.  to hang out and celebrate the whole damn week.  Location TBD.

Should it do it?

Just show up. **

How should I prepare?

Find a buddy to run to the Monday workout with.  Plan to show up with other people all week–know who your Accountabilibuddy is!!  Recruit new friends to join you for any and all workouts.  Check the weather and dress accordingly.  Layers will be your friend all week.  And never leave home without your gloves/mittens.  Cold hands mean unhappy humans…  Get some extra sleep and always hydrate! Boom.  Consider yourself prepared!

ALSO, #hypethehype.  Tell the world what you’re doing next week and get everyone else hyped too.  Use #hypethehype and #hellaweewoahman, IG: @novemberprojectbos.  FB: @novemberprojectboston.  Twitter: @Nov_Project_BOS

See you Monday for the start of the best week of the year.  We’ll be there all week long.

*And pay attention to those tags…if you show up to all three, those three tags will combine to create something else. 

**If you’re still concerned, more anxious than you want to be, or seriously considering NOT participating because you think you can’t, don’t know how hard it will be, or some other reason or excuse, reach out to @novemberprojectbos on IG or send a message to November Project Boston on FB messenger.  It’s gonna be awesome.

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