Hungry for some Stuuuuu – We Missed You

Good afternoon everyone. As we embark on the weekend now nearly upon us, let’s think back to what a teriffic week it was. Props to those of you who showed up for a November Project Minneapolis workout, and bigger ups to those of you that caught both. The early morning grind was strong this week. For the rest of you however…

We get it… shit happens. There are some of you who had plans to strap on the sneakers and get to the Mill before the sun was up, but “the alarm just didn’t go off”. Some of you even dropped #verbals. Fine! I just want to take this opportunity to say that the tribe genuinely misses you. YOU ALL make our workouts better.

However, there are some of you (one of you) that dropped not one, but two #verbals this week. And there are some of you (one of you) who broke not one, but both of said #verbals.

 Stew – Litigation Consultant for Ken and Rich of KenRich – this is your “We Missed You”.

You are a “Stu of many trade”, and we love you for it.

Stu 2

Like hand delivering your buddies sweet onesies…

Stu…and sunglasses…

Stu 3


…and climbing mountains…Stu 5

…and let’s not forget all of the french kissing that you get to do…

stu 6

But Stu, the simple fact is that you began your weekend of chilling a bit earlier than you said you would, and we noticed. So suck down that next Tusker knowing that there was a whole tribe of people wondering where you were this week. Some were worried, some scared, but most just genuinely missed you.Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.49.38 PM


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