Would You Rather (DCA)

Things I’d rather do than wake up early:


Things I’d rather do than surround myself with incredible and incredibly positive people:


It’s simple. There’s a reason this thing is in 26 cities and counting (#Iron26). There’s a reason that after 2 years of doing this in DC, we’re STILL going strong. There’s a reason the media is interested but doesn’t always completely understand us.

That reason? Just show up to find it. And while you do that, you’ll probably find yourself, your smile, your laugh, your comfort in the uncomfortable, your motivation, and your love for people, your city, and life in general.

Keep telling everyone you know about November Project. Don’t be the reason someone is lost, down in the dumps, or anything else that you won’t find in our group. They need it just as much as you did. We’ll see you and your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and complete strangers who are now your friends next week. Congrats if you #EarnedYourWeekend.

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