Holy S%*t…

Good Morning Edmonton!!

November Project said we’d kick your ass this week and so we came up with what we’d hoped would be an #epic #destinationstation #destinationdeck #yegbridge workout! The goal…to finish the deck with you heading home saying “Holy Shit…that was a tough one!”

So how’d we do…I think after a deck workout that had you complete 104 sit-ups, 104 push-ups, 104 squat jumps and yes…104 BURPEES…interrupted only by 8 fire-drills that sent you sprinting the length of the bridge and 2 jokers that gave us pause to find 5 people to bear hug…we did really well!!


When we finally hit the last 2 cards…2 sit-ups, a fire-drill and a joker that resulted in 5 really sweaty bear hugs…and then lined up for the photo I am positive that I heard some people say…”Holy Shit…!” and while there may have been a lot of dog crap at the photo site…I am going to take your sentiments and conclude – GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!



See you Wednesday…Royal Glenora Stairs…5:58AM

We will be finishing up the yearbook mug shots…it will also be retake day for those of you who had blurry pics…that wind was strong last Wednesday…hard for us to hold the camera still!!

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